Tory Roberg

Fortitude Consulting

Tory Roberg is a social worker who changed paths into public policy advocacy when she realized that real change occurs at the policy level. She is a well-respected, professional lobbyist at the state Capitol, known for her work to promote minority groups and otherwise unpopular issues among the legislative majority.

She works tirelessly for positive-impact clients like the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans, the Arizona Grandparent Ambassadors, and many others who spend their days giving voice to the voiceless. Her work has repeatedly put her on the front lines of important social battles. She was one of just four voices at the state senate arguing passionately against the abhorrent SB1062 when it was introduced, after which she helped energize the equality community to defeat the law. She’s organized rallies, crafted strategies for advocacy groups, unified disparate voices, and aggressively lobbied to enact positive change.  

Tory has worked at the organizational, state legislative, and federal government level, helping unify various and sometimes disparate groups around great causes. She has repeatedly fought injustice and kept spotlights on those that governments overlook, and she will proudly continue doing so for nonprofits and advocacy groups that also want to make the world a better place.  Tory is known for her endurance, her spunk, her intelligence, and her willingness to continue fighting for what's right and just.  She truly shows courage in the face of adversity.

Eric Zaklukiewicz

Eric Zaklukiewicz is an administrative and customer relations professional who has been working tirelessly on progressive Arizona political campaigns since 2015. Professional experience includes  Financial Director services for U.S. House candidates Mikel Weisser and Talia Fuentes, and Business Development services for consulting firm Spectrum Consulting. He is passionate about responsive, inclusive democracy and has served as a grassroots activist for numerous progressive causes surrounding voter protection and clean elections.

In his spare time, Eric also is also a professional performing artist and devotes much of his time to non-profit theatre work in his home state of Arizona. 

Spectrum Experience

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As Fortitude's communications team, Spectrum helps amplify the voices of Fortitude's clients in traditional and social media.

Spectrum Experience is a full-service humanist communications firm with expertise in creating powerful experiences that turn target markets into changemaking participants. They're devoted to inspirational ideas, progressive humanist innovation, and powerful, effective political change.