Organizing, Advocacy, and Communications Work

Fortitude Consulting is a full-service firm specializing in grassroots organizing, issues advocacy, and effective lobbying. For non-profit organizations, these three things must go together to make a difference. We will endeavor to fully understand your organization’s goals, its strengths, and its limitations, and we will work tirelessly to build a winning strategic plan tailored to your group’s specific needs.

With a mix of experience gleaned from years of advocacy work and the fresh, bold approaches needed to stand out and be heard, we can help craft and execute a winning strategy that is unique to your organization and its specific needs.

Legislative and Lobbying Services

- Track relevant legislation
- Speak on behalf of your organization in committee hearings
- Hold private meetings with lawmakers to positively influence public policy
- Build or improve relationships between lawmakers and your organization
- Provide weekly updates to your Board of Directors

Organizing and Advocacy Work

- Design and manage action alerts with your existing outreach system
- Compose, distribute, and follow up on press releases
- Provide legislative update content for your website and social media platforms
- Organize and host “Lobby Days” for your supporters, volunteers, and stakeholders

Web-based and On-site Trainings and Workshops

- AZ Legislature 101
- Advocacy Through Telling Your Story